We return to Hogwarts for a special Christmas episode of Shiprecs. Audrey was expecting a ton of pushback for suggesting this super-dark and angsty Ch...View Details

Mira’s Marvel pick is a funny and romantic Darcy Lewis/Loki fic by AnonymousMink. Notably, Darcy Lewis does it with Loki when he’s in his true (frost ...View Details

We’re going 90s for this special halloween episode and reading a three-part Spike/Buffy story by Verity Watson. Is it acceptable for vampires to kill...View Details

In this episode we vote on the best of the eight stories we read in the Star Wars fandom. Choosing was difficult because the Star Wars fandom really ...View Details

The ladies love this sweet, slow-burn romance between Mando and Luke Skywalker. Author PepperPrints takes extreme liberties with Star Wars sequel can...View Details

In this Obi-Wan Kenobi/reader insert fic, the Force finally reaches its full sexual potential. Also, Obi-Wan gives the hottest goddamn apology ever. ...View Details

Kylie’s second pick pairs Boba Fett with an original male character, Ado Janic. Can Boba have a functional romantic relationship? Does anyone actuall...View Details

We have a ton of fun with this crack-ish Reylo fic, in which Kylo Ren moonlights as a romance author and Rey can't get enough of his books. Emo autho...View Details

Mira’s latest pick is a Mando/reader insert. It also happens to have the most serious subject matter we’ve ever tackled on the show, as the reader ch...View Details

Abby's first Star Wars pick is the freaky Reylo force shit we’ve been waiting for. Audrey is torn between love for Reylo and hatred for the sequel tr...View Details

Kylie’s first pick is fluffy, fun Finn/Poe slash. The ladies are a bit salty because the tags promised a Rey/Finn/Poe threesome that never panned out...View Details

Last time, Audrey invited Abby and Mira to slap her if they didn’t like Rough Day. Well NO SLAPS WERE DELIVERED because the ladies unanimously love t...View Details

Whelp, our “Harry Potter Series” ended up being the “Hermione gets railed” series. And just like Old Testament God, who sent a rainbow to humankind a...View Details

In Abby’s latest pick, Draco is a magical creature who sprouts feathers when angry. Is "Big Bird Rage Mode" sexy? And is there any way we can evolve ...View Details

Audrey’s latest Snape/Hermione pick is by far the filthiest thing we have read for the show, and it is glorious.  We drink viscous drinks and are rem...View Details

This week, Mira takes another (successful!) crack at selling us on a relationship between Hermione Granger and Lucius Malfoy. This week’s story also ...View Details

Hermione and Luna go to wizard college in Abby’s first pick! This story presents an appealing fantasy of an inclusive wizarding world where Luna and ...View Details

Audrey’s first pick is an action-packed Snape and Hermione fic with magic, torture, cunning, true love, and a “sex barometer”. We talk about mind-Sna...View Details

Polyjuice potion, chocolate, and puns are eagerly abused in Mira’s especially-smutty first pick: a Lucius Malfoy/Hermione fic by the Artful Scribbler...View Details

In this episode we discuss the format of the show and introduce our first fandom: Harry Potter. Can we detangle the movies from the books while readin...View Details

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