Whelp, our “Harry Potter Series” ended up being the “Hermione gets railed” series. And just like Old Testament God, who sent a rainbow to humankind as his promise to never flood the earth again, we give you this rainbow promise to not let the next series become such a total gang-bang. 🌈  Audrey introduces her first Star Wars pick and invites Abby and Mira to slap her in the face if they don’t like it. So stay tuned for The Slappening??? 

Best Pairing of the Harry Potter series:

Hermione and Snape, Unforced Error

Best Sex Scene of the Harry Potter series:

Hermione and Lucius Malfoy museum finger-bang, Epistolary Charms

Best Cocktail of the Harry Potter Series:

White Chocolate & Star Anise Martini, Crazy Little Things

Up Next:

Rough Day, a Mandolorian/Reader fic by guardianangelcas!


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