We’re going 90s for this special halloween episode and reading a three-part Spike/Buffy story by Verity Watson. Is it acceptable for vampires to kill people? Were cargo pants ever sexy? Why is Spike/Buffy called Spuffy and not Spiffy? That last one is not a rhetorical question, I’m genuinely asking.

Story link: 

Part 1: Meet the Pratts: https://www.bloodshedverse.com/stories.php?go=chapters&no=7067

Part 2: Finding William Pratt: https://www.bloodshedverse.com/stories.php?go=chapters&no=7749

Part 3: Being William Pratt: https://www.bloodshedverse.com/stories.php?go=chapters&no=8396

Drink Pairing: 

Bloody Rum Punch from the Spruce Eats: https://www.thespruceeats.com/donq-bloody-rum-punch-760454

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