In this episode we vote on the best of the eight stories we read in the Star Wars fandom. Choosing was difficult because the Star Wars fandom really knows how to get down. Audrey gets judgemental about butts. And we introduce our next fandom, Marvel! We’ll be taking a break before posting any Marvel episodes, so if you have recs for us in the Marvel fandom you can contact us as always at We’re looking for explicit stories over 30k words.

Best Pairing

  • Mando and the Reader, Rough Day

Best Sex Scene

  • Obi Wan and the Reader, The Locked Door

Best Wing Entity (ex: wingman, wingwoman, wingdroid)

  • The Armorer, Separate Ways

Best Use of the Force

  • Obi Wan (he knows what he did) from The Locked Door

Best Cocktail

  • Bee’s Knees, My Bounty

Best use of Lube

  • Magical Self-Lubricating Condoms from My Bounty
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