Most Wanted

As we search through each fandom for recs, we often find ourselves looking for pairings or dynamics that we ultimately cannot find stories for. Our criteria are: between 30k and 100k words, erotic, and high-quality/hot. This page will be a running list of stories that we are actively looking for.

Harry Potter:

  • Female Snape in love with stubbornly het Lily Potter.
  • McGonagall stuff. 
  • Female Harry Potter stuff.
  • Moar and smuttier femslash.

Star Wars:

  • HANDO! (Han and Lando)
  • A Luke/Leia pairing that is actually serious and romantic and not part of a poly sitch with Han. Like, a pre-Return of the Jedi or AU thing where they aren't brother and sister. Or not. I dunno. (To avoid implicating the other hosts I will disclose that this is an Audrey request. I'm gross). 
  • A Leia/Jabba the Hutt story where Leia is actually into it. (This is another Audrey request. Yeah I'm gross). 
  • Moar and smuttier femslash. 

If you have a story that fits the bill, let us know! You can reach us at

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