About the show

Four friends review and recommend erotic fanfiction. We have a taste for antiheroes, femslash, cocktails, angst, and Adam Driver’s glorious, glorious hair.

Each episode we take turns recommending an erotic story from our current fandom for the gang to review. We also have a theme-y little cocktail to go with each story for maximum self indulgence. At the end of each series we will vote on the best pairing and the best sex scene of the series.

About the hosts

Abby (she/her)

Abby was born with fanged teeth. The teeth were filed down before she was a year old, putting an end to any possibility of superpowers. Now robbed of her powers, she passes her time lounging in sun patches, loving dairy, and reading smuttiest fanfiction she can get her paws on.

Audrey (she/her)

Audrey is a casual reader of fanfiction who has been kicking around an idea for smutty Food Network crackfic. She loves angst but will imagine a happy ending if there isn’t one. Proud Slytherin, loving mother, and incurable ectomorph. 

Kylie (she/her)

Kylie has read fan fiction since the tender awkward years of her teens, back when Twilight and Sonic ruled the sites. Now as an adult, she reads f/f fantasies with a dark twist and pretty girls.

Mira (she/her)

Mira has been on the search for good smut since sneak-reading a copy of Lady Chatterley's Lover at a tender age. Her favorite leading men are former villains with blond hair. She's currently pregnant with her first child, thus proving she's had sex at least once and is qualified to talk about it.


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If you have questions, comments, or suggestions for us you can reach us at shiprecspodcast@gmail.com.

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